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London Sightseeing

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London Sightseeing
London is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the whole world because it attracts up to 15 million of visitors every year. As the capital city of Britain, it is considered as a vibrant entertainment and arts center. Even though it is already 50 years after the birth of the Beatles, still, its music scene still rocks.
Aside from the great contrition it has to the world in terms of many different fields, it also boasts the greatest cultural attractions as well as London sightseeing. Starting from the royal palaces up to the people’s parliament and from the Roman ruins up to the cathedrals and castles, you can spend your day endlessly by exploring London sightseeing by not running out of amazing things to do.
One of the most iconic buildings that you can have in London is the Buckingham Palace which shows the most popular display of the Changing of the Guard. It draws crowds at 11:30 in the morning in every season and this free and colorful display of great music and precise marching also takes place at the palace of St. James wherein you can follow the band along with The Mall as they do their marching in between sites.
Another great London sightseeing to have is the British Museum wherein it displays the finest collections of antiques in the whole world. It contains more than 13 million of artifacts that come from the ancient world with priceless objects that come from Babylonia, Assyria, Europe, China and so on and so forth. Another London sightseeing to pose for a photo op is the Tower of London as well as the Tower Bridge. One interesting fact about these towers is that from palace to prison, private zoo to treasure vault, these magnificent tower has fulfilled a lot of roles in the past centuries.
Nothing have says about London’s 97 meter of tower housing of a giant clock as well as its resounding bell which is popularly known as the Big Ben which serves as an iconic landmark of the Tower Bridge. Big Ben’s tolling is known all over the word as it signals that times of BBC radio. Below it, the Houses of Parliament is situated wherein the government of Britain sits more many centuries now. The tours of the parliament buildings provides a unique chance to see the lively political discussions as well as the real-time debates. From the Parliament Square, the Whitehall is lined by a number of government buildings which names becomes synonymous with the government of Britain.
Another great London sightseeing to have is the Westminster Abbey which stands on a certain site associated with the Christian religion in the early 7th century. It is also officially known as the Collegiate of St. Peter in Westminster.
At London, there are really a lot of amazing and fascinating sightseeing’s that we can have. So if you are looking for a great place where you can have a royal experience, London is a great place for you.